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Knysna Health is a natural health provider that offers online health products, functional medicine consultations, massage therapy, and more. Knysna Health aims to help people achieve optimal wellness through natural and holistic approaches. They are one of our selected and exclusive stockists and providers of our products and services.

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Dr. Wayne Naude (Homeopath) offers Functional Medicine consultations.

Functional Medicine is the medicine of "why". The objective is to explore why disease and metabolic disorders arise and find what obstacles prevent resolution. Treatments are then directed at resolving the core issues and drivers of disease, leading to sustainable solutions, enhanced health potential, and longevity.


Consultation fee: R550

TRUNAD+ Natural NAD Booster 60 Capsules

FORCE Fatburner 60 Capsules

PURE MARINE Collagen Unflavored 300g

XSPN BCAA Xstreme Amino Acid Boost

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