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GET STARTED Are you ready to start your journey to better health and wellness? If so, join our website today and become a member of our iScript community. As a member, you will have access to our innovative iScript* program, which will help you achieve your health goals with personalized guidance and support. To get started, you will need to complete our online Health-iQ Survey, which will ask you about your interests, skills, lifestyle choices, and motivations for using iScript*. This survey is very important, as it will allow us to tailor our program to your specific needs and preferences. Please answer the questions honestly and carefully. You can also try the FREE version of iScript before upgrading to the PREMIUM version. The PREMIUM version will give you access to our premium services, such as our DBS Blood Tests, Telomere and CRC (Colon Rectal Cancer) screening, as well as your monthly inclusive PharmaX Formulary and iScript BioWellnessPlus* personalized formula. Don't miss this opportunity to take charge of your health and wellness with iScript Personal Assistant!


Follow the easy online guidelines to choose your Health Plan. Activation of your subscription plan will follow with guidelines and instructions.



Reapian Medical

SAMPLE COLLECTION Our Reapian Medical team is ready to help you achieve optimal health with our Health-iQ service. We will arrange to collect your testing samples at a time and place that suits you. Our laboratories will analyze your samples to determine Health-iQ. Based on the results, we will create your daily personalized PharmaX Formulary, which is a tailored blend of vitamins, minerals, co-factors, and amino acids to optimize your metabolic and molecular health (Epigenetic Editing). This formula has to be taken daily, or as prescribed, to help and assist your body in optimizing its biochemical, physiological, and metabolic processes. If you have opted for the iScript CRC screening test, the formula will address any imbalances associated with your potential risks involving colon disease or the development of cancer. Your CRC risk profile will be included in your iScript Report and will be available to Reapian Medical registered practitioners to prescribe additional treatments if required.


DAY 30

Reapian Medical

PERSONALIZED FORMULARY The iScript will create a PharmaX Formulary and iScript BioWellnessPlus* custom supplement blend suited to your biological needs and help you reach optimal fitness and wellness. It is made in our pharmacy to address any possible imbalances* in your molecular health and epigenetic profile** based on the DBS 360-Data-Analytics method. This analysis will help you attain optimal health and vitality. You will also get clear directions on how to use your PharmaX custom blend daily for 180 days.


1st Results Ready

DAY 60

Reapian Medical

2ND SAMPLE COLLECTION We are happy to inform you that our Reapian Medical team is ready to schedule your 2nd set of Dry Blood Spot (DBS) samples collection. We will work with you to find a suitable time and location for this procedure. Our laboratories will analyze your samples and provide you with the results in your iScript Report. This will help us evaluate the effectiveness of your program and your 360 Health-iQ Status.


DAY 240

Reapian Medical

HEALTH-iQ STATUS REPORT We are pleased to inform you that your 2nd 360 Data-Analytics report is ready. You can view this report on any IoT device (mobile smartphone, tablet, or laptop) that you have registered with us, either through our website or our web APP. This report will show you how well you have progressed in the program and what your current 360 Health-iQ status score is. Your score reflects your overall health and wellness based on various factors such as physical activity, nutrition, sleep, stress, and mental health. We hope you find this report useful and informative.


2nd Results Ready

DAY 270

Reapian Medical

RENEW YOUR HEALTH PLAN We are glad to inform you that your PREMIUM Subscription is eligible for renewal. You can continue to enjoy the benefits of this plan or opt for a higher plan that suits your needs and goals. To renew or upgrade your plan, please visit our Health Plan page.


DAY 360



Here is an overview of the timeline for enrolling in our 360 Health Protector Program, which offers a variety of HEALTH-iQ PLANS to suit your needs. 


iScript Artificial Intelligence

How AI Can Help You Choose the Right Supplements for Your Health

There are several ways in which AI can help you make informed decisions about your health and supplements. One such example is iScript iAI Personal Assistant, a free Reapian Medical Technologies AI Framework service. It provides a comprehensive database of supplements, drugs, and 59,096 possible interactions between them. You can use this tool to discover supplement-drug interactions and explore related research that will take into account your current lifestyle choices, personal health challenges, and family history.


The development of AI-powered tools that allow researchers to process insights into thousands of diseases, gene associations, and ingredient interactions, to develop productive nutraceutical solutions. These tools can help researchers develop scientifically sound supplements at speed.

Our iScript Personal Assistant (iScript AI or iAI) helps you achieve your best health and vitality by customizing your wellness plan. After you fill out the iScript Health-iQ survey, you will get your detailed iScript report. This report is based on your specific needs and gives you guidance on how to reach your health goals and optimal vitality. The first step to join The 360 Health Protector Program is to sign up and complete the iScript Health-iQ survey. This way, you can learn about your health status and how to improve it. This program also helps you prevent disease and lower your medical insurance costs by keeping you informed and flexible. This is the smart and personalized way to take care of your health.

iScript artificial intelligence (iAI) is a set of processes and methods that allows human users to comprehend and trust the results and output created by machine learning algorithms.

Introducing iAI, our revolutionary medical technology that delivers results like no other. Through a database consisting of information from decades of trusted medical and biotechnological research, as well as clinical scientific studies from around the globe, iAI provides unparalleled output accuracy and personalized interventions and recommendations for each individual member.

The iScript (iAI) provides techniques, processes, and systems that allow humans to trust and have confidence in medical data processed by machine learning algorithms.


Individuals and businesses gain a highly personalized, health-specific AI-powered framework that provides clear data-driven outcomes and decision-making.

The iScript or iAI can be used in various ways to meet different health goals, needs, and challenges.


For instance, iAI can help you make the right choices and give you valuable guidelines when it comes to supplements, giving you valuable insights into your health and well-being. It will assist you in acquiring your own private epigenetic BioBank of health assets. This information may be used by your medical practitioner to assist with diagnosis by applying feature importance and counterfactual analysis. 

Reapian Medical
Reapian Medical

iScript* Sign Up Status



The PREMIUM plan offers a comprehensive assessment of your molecular health, based on the 360 Epigenetic Dry Blood Spot Analysis. This test measures biomarkers that influence the expression and function of genes and proteins related to your Health-iQ status. The plan includes an additional monthly PharmaX personalized prescription supplement maintenance plan, designed to 'correct' any metabolic imbalances that have been identified by the DBS tests that may negatively affect your molecular health. 


Includes all the benefits of the PREMIUM VIP Plan + Telomere Longevity Extension Amplification + TRUNAD monthly.

Biological vs Chronological Age.


All the benefits of PREMIUM + Medical Insurance Cover


Includes all the benefits of the PREMIUM PLUS VIP Plan + Telomere Longevity Extension Amplification + TRUNAD monthly. Biological vs Chronological Age.



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