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Reapian Medical

Discover the best supplements and health or fitness recommendations for your health goals with the iScript BioWellnesPlus** Health-iQ report. This free report will give you personalized recommendations based on your health profile, and also offer you valuable insights and suggestions on how to enhance your wellness and vitality. To get your report, simply create a free member account and sign up today.


Potential Insights into Human Health and Well-being

The concept of Biomarkers was first proposed by the National Research Council (NRC) of the United States and is a very hot topic in the medical field. Reapian Medical uses the latest advancements in medical technology to measure and analyze biomarkers, allowing individuals to understand their current health status and detect potential issues before they become serious. Our comprehensive services make it easier than ever to monitor your well-being and stay ahead of any potential health issues.


At Reapian Medical, we strive to bring the latest medical technology to the market, with the aim of making healthcare more accessible and affordable for everyone. Our technology-driven approach enables us to provide you with data-driven insights that can help to prevent the development of diseases. This will ultimately lead to lower medical costs and better outcomes for members of a medical aid.



Reapian Medical is here to revolutionize the way people purchase medical insurance. By utilizing blockchain technology, we are creating a secure and efficient platform where customers can buy and manage their own medical insurance. We are also introducing our own cryptocurrency, ReapianCoin, so customers can pay for their medical insurance and enjoy the benefits of the blockchain.

Reapian Medical

Remote Health Asset Management.

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Health Data

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Reapian Medical is dedicated to providing the best in medical technology to help people better manage their health. Our software is designed to provide health transparency and remote health management. Our services include but are not limited to, data analysis, health tracking, personalized health insights, and telemedicine. By utilizing the latest technology, we strive to make healthcare more accessible and convenient for everyone.

Reapian Medical is a medical technology company dedicated to helping people access the most advanced healthcare solutions available. Our 360 Epigenetic Editing (360 Health-iQ) technology allows us to accurately analyze a person's current health status and recommend personalized supplements tailored to their individual needs. With Reapian Medical, you can be sure you are getting the best medical technology available.

  • 360 Epigenetic Editing (360 Health-iQ)​

  • 360 Health-iQ will recommend personalized supplements and identify the most suitable and most affordable Healthcare Cover Solutions to satisfy your personal needs

  • Offer you more benefits and transparency about your current Health Status (360 Health-iQ)

  • Help prevent and manage future health risks and disease

  • Blood Tests targeted at specific biomarkers form part of the 360 Health Protector Program

  • Monthly 360 Reapian Pharma-X™ Supplementation will be included in monthly subscriptions or membership premiums depending on your premium package

  • Monitoring of 360 Health-IQ progress anytime online via remote health management platforms

  • Endeavor to save members up to 200% on current monthly medical insurance premiums