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The Pharma X Formulary is a list of products that have been carefully scrutinized to fulfill all the criteria to be safe for use during the Reapian Medical 360 Health Protector Program. Approved for the iScript Health-iQ Plans.

FORCE Fatburner

FORCE Fatburner is designed to enhance every aspect of the fat loss process. To optimize the body’s ability to use fat as energy, all metabolic pathways must be supported. Clinically aligned to be ideal for Men and Women.

PERFORMii Libido Boost

​Reapian Medical Performii Libido Boost is formulated with the most scientifically researched ingredients to be a powerful and effective libido and performance booster. It combines nutrients that have been clinically proven to help improve hormonal balance and processes involved in maintaining and enhancing a healthy libido, controlling weight, and staying healthy in general

PROBIGUARD Powerful Immune Booster

PROBIGUARD™ combines nutrients to protect the body against viruses and bacteria associated with colds, flu, disease, and bad health. It should be taken daily to enhance general health and as an immune booster. As we age our body's ability to fight bacterial and viral infections deminish. PROBIGUARD™ Probiotic Immune Modulator Complex helps to restore our ability to rebuild and assist our immune defense systems.

PROBIGUARD™ Powerful Immune Booster

PROBIGUARD™ is an advanced probiotic immune modulator complex, designed to help restore and support a healthy immune system. It combines key nutrients to protect the body against viruses and bacteria associated with colds, flu, disease, and bad health.


​REAPIAN MEDICAL PURE MARINE COLLAGEN COMPLEX is a 100% marine-based, all-natural ingredient composed of collagen and elastin peptides formulated in the same ratio found naturally in human skin.

TRUNAD+ Age Better

TRUNAD+ Defends Your Cells’ Health & Boosts NAD+. Support your cellular health with TRUNAD+, the most efficient and safest way to elevate the NAD+ levels in your body.

XSPN BCAA Xstreme Amino Boost

Reapian Medical SPORT XSPN BCAA Xstreme Amino Boost contains all nine essential amino acids including branched chain amino acids , three conditionally essential amino acids, three non-essential amino acids, and citrulline to boost your daily amino acid intake and boost nitric oxide production. It is fortified with folate to make it a superior, complete, and unique amino acid supplement.

XSTREME™ WHEY 900g Probiotic Whey Complex

XSTREME™ WHEY PROTEIN COMPLEX consists of an excellent source of whey protein. The body rapidly digests it, allowing fast absorption of its nutritional benefits into the bloodstream and muscles.


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